X2Sales is an extendable, scalable platform that can easily configure your entire sales process, performance, and reporting according to individual needs and requirements. Functions include full customer relationship management, deal opportunity tracking, quoting/invoices, and email correspondence management.

Capabilities include:

X2Contacts and X2Accounts

X2Leads and X2Opportunities

X2Reports and X2Analytics

X2Workflow and X2Process

X2Quotes, X2Actions and X2Topics

X2Documents and X2Media


The X2Marketing suite optimizes and manages marketing campaigns through the use of web lead capture forms, landing pages, website activity tracking, lead scoring/lead routing, targeted email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and other important tools — all within one cohesive, encompassing module.


X2Support is a built-in service suite that allows teams to manage support and services cases to ensure customer satisfaction. Functionality of this suite includes automated case creation; case management, assignment, and reporting; and service case web form creation.


X2Admin offers a wide array of internal managerial capabilities and tools to regulate the details and accessibility of X2CRM. Admins can maintain organizational standards and best practices to maximize productivity and can also use X2Studio to customize and extend the CRM with no coding needed.