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A CRM That Stands Apart

Why get a cookie cutter CRM that sells the same solution to everyone? Built from the start for unmatched flexibility and extensibility, X2CRM allows you to customize a comprehensive solution to your unique needs and workflow.

Put simply, X2CRM is built different. We have all the essential tools and features you expect from a CRM — along with so much more.

Single Database, Cohesively Designed

Some platforms were cobbled together over time using technology that doesn’t quite work together. Not X2CRM. Our modules were cohesively designed to interact with one another, ensuring that your data is always accurate and up-to-date.


Rapid Modules

No more wondering how your CRM will look or work. X2’s innovative design allows you to create new modules, apps or form fields — or customize existing ones — in a matter of hours so you can visualize exactly how your platform will operate.


With all tools and modules included in one low price, X2Engine can reduce your subscription costs and time spent on administrative tasks. And—unlike our competitors—there’s no need to hire a costly implementation partner to handle setup.

Disadvantages of Other CRMs Other CRMs The X2CRM Way X2CRM
  • Old technology: Most CRMs were written years ago, using old technology

    Modern technology: X2 uses new tech on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

  • Multiple mismatched databases: Many of our competitors were written on multiple databases that are expensive, discordant, and inaccessible

    One accessible database: X2 written on top of MySQL, which our clients can access

  • Proprietary code: Other CRMs were written in languages which users can’t access and are expensive to build and maintain

    Common code: X2 was written in the two most popular coding languages—PHP and Javascript—which 80% of websites use

  • High implementation costs: Initial implementation is so complex on many CRMs, it requires hiring an expensive agency or consultant to do the work

    Quick and easy transfer from your CRM: Already using another CRM? We can move all of your existing data over quickly and cost-effectively.

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  • Expensive customization: Many CRMs require that developers must be certified and pay a hefty developer fee

    Build your own modules: X2 can be built to fit your needs quickly and inexpensively using common coding languages. X2 makes our source code available for customers to modify directly, or we can create modules for you

  • Add-ons add up: Most CRMs only include the basics. Extras like email templates, project management tools and PDF signing ability require additional subscription fees

    One cost for everything: After our modest implementation fee, all of X2CRM is available for one monthly cost. See above for details

Ready to streamline and simplify your work life—and save loads of time and money?



Developed by CRM industry veteran David Buchanan, X2Engine was built on a rich history of innovation. X2 continues to evolve, fostering an environment of seamless customization for any client.


Modest implementation fee, then


Includes everything we offer:

  • All X2CRM Modules and Features
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Automated Workflow Engine
  • Pre-built Email Templates
  • Automated Customer Journeys
  • DocSign Capabilities
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Customer Support
  • Straightforward Implementation
  • And more!

*Everything is included for $65/mo, up to 25,000 email sends/mo.

The Solutions You Need at One Low Price

With all modules included in the platform for the same cost, X2Engine is the most cost-effective CRM on the market. You’ll reduce subscription costs and time spent on administrative tasks, and — unlike our competitors — there’s no need to hire a costly implementation partner.