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Dashboard Support

Dashboard Top Bar

Dashboard Left Column

Dashboard Right Column

Dashboard Two Middle Columns

Contacts Support

Contacts Grid View

Contact Record Detail View


Create Lists

Importing and Exporting Contacts

Create A Contact

Contact Processes

Contact Map

Accounts Support

Accounts List Grid View
Accounts Detail View
Accounts Reports
Create a Account
Lead Support

Lead List Grid View

Create A Lead

Lead Conversation

X2Opportunities Support

Opportunities List View

Opportunities Detail View

Create Opportunity and Quick Create

X2Marketing Support
Long Term Campaigns
A/B Testing
Import Campaigns
Export Campaigns
Web Lead Forms
  • Finally, grab the embed code, shown in the purple box, to copy and paste it into your website.
Web Tracker
Landing Pages
Create Quote 
Quote Detail View
Quotes Via Contacts
Action List View
Overdue and Incomplete Actions
Create Action
Create New Docs
Create An Email Template
All Media
Media Upload
Media Detail View
The Files Widget
Grid Report
Rows and Columns Reports
Summation Report
Grid Chart
Rows and Columns Charts
Summation Chart
View Calendar and Create Events
Manage Calendar
Topic Creation and Commenting
Create Product
View Product