Executive Summary

X2CRM covers the entire customer journey from marketing to sales, commerce to support. Built to handle any type of customer interaction and relationship management, either in-person or digitally, X2CRM can optimize your relationships with these easy-to-use, comprehensive modules all provided within a single package.

This overview provides businesses an introduction to the vast offering that X2CRM provides. For further information, request a demonstration or speak to an X2CRM expert. www.x2crm.com/demo


The X2Marketing module optimizes and manages marketing campaigns through the use of web lead capture forms, landing pages, website activity tracking, lead scoring/lead routing, targeted email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and many other important tools — all within a highly cohesive and encompassing module. Learn More…


X2Sales is a highly extendable and scalable platform that will easily configure your entire sales process, performance, and reporting, according to individual needs and requirements. Functions include full customer relationship management, deal opportunity tracking, quoting/invoice, and email correspondence manager. Learn More…


X2Support is a built-in service module that allows teams to manage support and services cases to ensure customer satisfaction. Functionality of the module includes:

• Automated case creation
• Case management, assignment, and reporting
• Service case web form creation Learn More…


X2CRM exploits the significance of accurate, real-time online activity tracking to leverage a highly relevant customer experience. X2Digital performs these functionalities with easily incorporated tools:

• Web lead capture forms
• Custom web content
• Website activity/location service tracking Learn More…


X2Quotes provides a centralized product pricing, quotes, and invoicing system. Functionalities include product tracking (cost, inventory, shipping), quote generation, invoice creation, and reporting. Through this structured and standardized process, mistakes are eliminated, and opportunities are expedited through accurate information.  Learn More..


Because customer engagement can occur across many different channels — inperson meetings, phone, email, or social media — the X2Social module supports all these channels to let customers have access to more options when working with your company. This module allows: Learn More…


X2Collaborate provides teams an internal space where members can work on projects together, stay up-to-date with contact interactions, brainstorm, and more. Company efficiency is the main purpose behind this module. Benefits of X2Collaborate include improved communication and increased information flow through the use of functions such as activity feed stream  Learn More…


X2Documents is a built-in document management system that includes rich text editing tools and document management, to allow the creation of documents, email templates, and quotes. X2Documents helps improve delivering customized messaging because it offers the documents the ability to include custom fields, so the messaging is customized depending upon the recipient. For example: Learn More…

X2Hub Services

This is a cloud-based information service that includes connectors for calendaring, mapping, security, speech, email, text, and other similar network services. X2Hub Services for X2CRM will reduce the time and effort required in configuring and managing credentials for each of the supported providers — allowing quick and easy extension of X2CRM’s functionality.  Learn More..

X2Lead Processor

X2Lead Processor module reduces duplication of contacts, accounts, and leads within the X2CRM database. It is applied to bulk imports as well as individual additions, scanning predesignated fields for previously entered data. X2Lead Processor contains utilities to perform common tasks in loading leads from other databases, such as splitting fields and merging fields: Learn More…


X2WorkFlow is a universal workflow engine and progress reporting system that automates as many check points in X2Process as possible. X2WorkFlow is simple, fast, and straightforward. Just about any task can be automated with this module including managing records and contacts, handling campaigns, tracking locations, and more. There are over 100 types of Workflow triggers and over 100 types of actions that can be called within X2WorkFlow.  Learn More..

X2Analytics Engine

The X2Analytics Engine module allows data to be easily sorted and displayed as a chart or specialized grid. The reporting and analytics capabilities allow the monitoring and reaction to marketing, sales and service efforts. This will allow changes to improve performance. X2Analytics Engine provides insight and a 360-degree view of a customer. Management will be able to understand marketing, sales, and support performance levels. Learn More…


The X2Admin module offers a wide array of internal managerial abilities, tools, and utilities to regulate the details and accessibility of X2CRM. Admins can maintain organizational standards and best practices, which will, in turn, maximize productivity. Administrators can also use X2Studio to customize and extend X2CRM. X2Admin does not require coding to optimize according to your company’s needs.  Learn More..


Connect X2CRM to a world of external applications and interfaces using the robust X2REST-ful API. This second-generation HTTP-based API can help seamlessly integrate existing software with third-party frameworks. Create, modify and delete records directly through API commands, allowing easy work with associated actions or enact process stages. Connect to Zapier, Google, Twitter, and more. Learn More…

X2Studio Customization

The administration panel of the X2Studio module offers a wide array of managerial and supervisory abilities, tools, and utilities — all of which regulate the details of X2CRM. X2Studio allows users to extend the functionalities of X2CRM to specific and customized specifications. Admins can maintain organizational standards and best practices, which in turn maximizes productivity.  Learn More..


The X2Media module allows team members to share and exchange media files. It can be a screenshot of the latest product version or perhaps a visual update of an on-location worksite. Not only can screenshots be shared, but also many other media types including MP3s, videos, and much more The value is that it allows companies to share and interact with people using multi-media resources. Learn More…


The X2Topics module can be used alongside the main X2Collaborate module as an internal site to create discussion forums and other similar communications. This is a great tool to allow users to chat and answer internal questions X2Topics helps companies share information amongst each other in an ad hoc, conversational flow.  Learn More..


X2Actions allow individual users to view their own tasks, activities, and to-do lists, along with those made public by teammates in a single data feed, so that one source of information covers the entire set of actions that a user wants to track. Filters allow individual views such as current actions, all actions or everyone’s actions for example. Learn More…


Many employees, especially those out in the field need access to accurate, real-time data concerning their customers. X2Touch is the mobile version of X2CRM’s desktop client. Users can view contact data and user lists quickly and seamlessly. Users will also have the option of utilizing the full app on mobile devices. The menus and screens of the responsive UI are well adapted to a small screen format.  Learn More..